Our investment process begins with a singular focus - our clients. We begin each client engagement with a thoughtful discussion about individual needs and long term investment objectives. Importantly, clients work directly with an experienced portfolio manager equipped to offer advice that is uniquely tailored to meet those objectives.

Active Portfolio Management

Our investment approach is anchored in a long tradition of fundamental research and disciplined valuation analysis. We seek to invest in the best growth and best value opportunities. Our goal is to create individual portfolios that meet the needs and objectives of each client.

Understanding Our Client

Before we invest, we meet with clients to understand their financial situation. Discussion topics include income requirements, growth expectations, prospective capital needs, current investment holdings, risk tolerance, and tax sensitivity. We then identify pertinent issues and, working with the client, establish an appropriate asset allocation mix to achieve each client's goals. Seaward then creates an investment portfolio for each client tailored to reflect their individual needs. 

Disciplined Approach 

Our proprietary research is based upon fundamental analysis and supports our actively managed portfolio construction. We seek companies with solid fundamentals and long-term growth prospects. Valuation metrics are carefully scrutinized in an effort to select the best investment opportunities.

Monitoring and Communication

Ongoing communication with each client identifies appropriate investment portfolio changes to reflect evolving client needs. We serve as a valuable resource to discuss our clients' other financial issues beyond portfolio management

  • Financial Projections
  • Coordination with Trust, Estate & Tax Advisors
  • Charitable Giving



      Seaward Strengths 

  • We are proudly independent and provide a high degree of individualized attention and service to our clients
  • Clients work directly with a Seaward portfolio manager
  • A flat organizational structure facilitates internal communication, sharing of ideas and responsiveness to clients
  • Our investment process capitalizes on the benefit of a long term and tax sensitive approach